Synrgy360 XM

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The groundbreaking SYNRGY360 system creates a fun, inviting and meaningful workout experience for all exercisers. The XM offers six unique training spaces, including a seven-handle monkey bar zone. The Life Fitness SYNRGY360 concept’s modular design can be customized to best reflect your training programs and objectives, and provide your exercisers with the motivational resourc

SYNRGY360 XM Versa
Life Fitness SYNRGY360 XM Combo





Rope Pull Make it a VERSA+ with a Rope Pull Make it a COMBO+ with a Rope Pull Make it a MIX+ with a Rope Pull
Cable Station N/A 2 2
Suspension Chin Up Bar 1 1 1
Rock Grip Chin Up Bar 1 1 N/A
Boxing Bag Connector 1 N/A 1